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Site policy

This website (hereinafter refered to as "our site") is managed by Sky Japan Co.,Ltd (hereinafter refered to as "our company"). Please use this site with accepting following contents.

About copyright

Copyright of our site and sentenses, photos, movies, music and all other productions published on our site (hereinafter refered to as "contents") belong to our company.

These copyrights is protected by laws about copyrights, treaties, and other regulations in each country. We prohibit using them with reprinting, replicating, copying, tampering, and using over range of private use legally recognized.

About trademark

The right of trademarks shown on our site belongs to our company or right holder who accept that our company use it.


Use of this site should be based on user's own responsibility. We never assume our responsibility for trouble, accident, damage, loss caused by using this site. We never guarantee accuracy, usability, certainty, safety and others of this site. And there are cases when the contents of this site are changed or deleted.

Prohibitted matter

We prohibit following acts when you use this site.

  • the act to slander or threat our company or third parties
  • the act to inflict a loss or a damage to our company or third parties
  • the act to damage the credit of our company or our site
  • the act to use, provide, or have possibility to use computer virus and other harmful contents
  • the illegal act or the act affording possibility to be illegal
  • the act which is contrary to public order and morality
  • the other acts which are contrary to this rule

About change of site policy

The contents of this rule can be changed as necessary, without giving users notice in progress.

About JavaScript

There are contents in which Javascript is partly used on this site. Sometimes the contents does not work correctly, if JavaScript is disabled in browser you use. To use all contents, please enable JavaScript in browser you use.

About link

You can make links to this site freely, but we prohibit making links to websites which are contrary to public order and morality. As a general rule, please use top page of this site as link destination unless there is a particular reason.

About applicable laws and competent court

The use of this site and this rule conforms to laws in Japan. If the dispute about this rule or it becomes necessary to start a lawsuit, we treat the district court which is located in the area of our headoffice as competent court for first instance.