Released Hybrid power storage system Bind Battery"RUSEI"

Sky Japan Corporation, Officially launched the new generation of "Bind Battery " hybrid battery "RUSEI".

"RUSEI" official website

Bind Batteryis a licensed technology of CONNEXX SYSTEMS CO., LTD. It is a system connecting lithium ion batteries and aqueous batteries such as lead batteries by our proprietary "virtual battery method". Although the product is based on lithium ion batteries, it has a completely different safety mechanism from the conventional lithium ion storage system, Like a lead battery, it is a new storage battery that enabled continuous charging such as float charging.

Combined with the lead battery and lithium battery expertise and to maximize its play with high-performance discharge capacity, low temperature performance, safety of the battery system.

Equipped with the latest technology of the hybrid system, realizes an advanced energy solution.

Product Specifications

Bind Battery"RUSEI"

Model SJ-040CX(2)
Battery Type Bind Battery"RUSEI"
Size 650㎜×300㎜×900㎜
Weight 110kg
Rated Capacity 4.0kWh(Standard Mode 3.0kWh, Emergency Mode 4.0kWh*1
Number of Phases Single phase 2 wire
Output Voltage AC100V
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated output Continuous 1.5kW
Cooperation with Solar Power Generation PV input function with DC 127~370 V*2
Switch between Standard Mode and Emergency Mode Automatic
Charging Time AC100V charge:Within 6 hours(In the case of no load)
Operating Temperature Limit -10~40℃
Operating Sound 45dB*3
Warranty Power storage system body 5 years*4
※Do not guarantee the storage capacity
*1 If you use the emergency mode on a daily basis, for example by cutting off the breaker, the life cycle of the product may be shortened, please only use it in emergency.
*2 Solar power generation equipment with maximum output of 1.5kW or more, rated voltage DC127V or more, open circuit voltage DC370V or less.
*3 According to consultation of CONNEXX SYSTEMS CORPORATION (as of July 5, 2016). There are individual differences in how to hear the specific operation.
*4 We recommend replacing lead-acid batteries (paid) in the sixth year.
● Please read "Operation Manual" carefully before using.
● Please never connect to medical equipment which directly related to human lives.
● Please consult with a dealer or a construction shop for constructions that are required to be constructed by qualified electric workers.
● Please do not use it for purposes other than the specified range.
・This product is exclusively for Japan.
・Please note that specifications and appearance may be changed without notice for product improvement.
・Please do not connect to equipment that may be damaged to life or property by turning off the power.
・Please do not connect to the air conditioning equipment which automatically resumes operation when returning from a power outage.
・Depending on the type of electrical equipment, the protection function may be activated when the power is turned on, and it may stop.
・Connecting a motor-operated device or a device with a large current flowing at the start of operation may cause malfunction.
・If the power supplied from the power storage system does not match the power supply of the system, it may cause some devices behave differently from normal operation.
(Example: Flickering of dimming type lighting equipment etc.)
・Connections with loads greater than the specified capacity can not guarantee normal operation. Be sure to use below the specified capacity.