Food and beverageThe introduction of food and beverage of Sky Japan

Business Outline

The safety of foods weigh heavily recently, so it can be said that keeping safe and trusted foods is an important demand in the world. So we invest in field of trading various foods for Japan and other country, with utilizing network in the world. Especially, technology of food processing in Japan which have excellent safety is promising field which can be applied to Asian countries. And, the damands of safe and trusted life materials, which are essential for our life, are expanding in the world. We invest in life materials to supply high quality products and establish distribution with utilizing network in the world.


Lifestyles of people is changing depending on the time period. So it is necessary to research in field of life material in detail, to match demands on each periods. Especially there is concern over tightness of food market in the world, because of populatin increase. We have to change manufacture system from conventional system making account of quantity to the system heading for quality, and it must become an important factor we can apply Japanese technology to the world.

Business field

  • Provisions

    Food grains such as wheat, soy, rape seed, corn are included. And feed, feed staff, stock farm products and processed meat product of beef, pork and chicken, and increase such as rice, fruits and vegetables.

  • Foods

    Including commercial food, business-use food material, other food raw materials such as flour・sugar・oil, canned food, retort food, freeze-dried food, fishery products, frozen fruits, frozen food.

  • Beverage

    Including coffee・tea・greengrocery, raw material for vegetables, soft drinks, vegetable juice, green tea, seasoning etc.

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