Textile goods and clothsIntroduction of textile goods and cloths of our group

Business Outline

Products of Japan brand which have high quality and are rated high all over the world are caused by detailed management, which is supported by attitudes of irreconcildable manufacturing. To supply high quality products constantly, it is necessary to mix maximam manufacturing technology of Japan and network managed in Asia. Manufacturing process has developed from OEM which only manufacture is entrusted to ODM which the processes from product planning to raw procurement are managed. We manage manufacturing process by cooperating with partner company in the world, and invest in business of textile goods and cloths, to correspond to multiple business.


Business of textile and cloths cover a lot of ground. the materials are used not only to cloths but also curtain, sheetvelt and more. By digging down these fields, a lot of business can be found, so manufacturing network becomes very important. And in a field of clothing products, business of branding is gaining momentum. The strategies of maximizing brand value are necessary to expand grobally business of Japan brand which have the highest quality in the world, so we are cultivating brand by formulating long-term plan.

Business Field

  • Textile

    Gray fabric, products of cloth, cotton, hemp, polyester, and more combination of materials of rayon or nylon are included.

  • Synthetic leather

    Foundation cloth for leather products is included. and there are various materials such as shoes, cloths, bag, sofa and other furniture, seat of automobile and more.

  • Living material

    Bedcloths such as blankets, bed sheets, covers, and pajamas are included. And there are many material such as plain weave, dobby, jacquard and more.

  • Interior

    Cartains, tablecloths etc are included. There are also recycled products of plastic bottles.

  • Cloths and apparel

    We head for maximization of value of Japan brand by long-term strategy. We promote manufacturing network in Asia for Japanese high quality of technology.

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