CSR / EnvironmentAbout environmental measure and CSR

A mission of Sky Japan

Japan has revived miraculously from many difficulty caused by the fires of war in 20th century. It can be said that the development through rapid economic growth is caused by continuous efforts with high spilituality of Japanese. Just the dynamic innovation of economic structure caused by pioneers has brought the comfortable society now we acquire.

In the 21st century, technical innovation of information network has conquered the world economics, and the innovation has occured in business market of many countries as well as Japan. The speed of business environment surrounding the world is very high. and it is necessary to catch the needs of society and to create new business field. We think each employees in the world have to correspond and create high added value.

Structuring strong network in the world, Sky Japan search for essence of the business and find needs from problem. And we challenge for creating new value with technology and know-how we has cultivated. We believe that these continuous challenge can contribute for development of society, economics, and culture, and will be the basis of persistent business activities.

Cultivation of human resources with "three believes"

Sky Japan efforts for cultivation of human resources with three believes, "always be modest", "daily diligence", and "permanent competition". The essence of business is to benefit others, so it is necessary for each employees to have a virtue keeping modest, during the development of global society. We think a great deal of corresponding with modesty to our customers, clients, colleagues, and all other people.

And we can not develop continuously without catching up with the speed of time and locate of our company, because the business environment changes rapidly recently. The feeling we can catch needs of customers and society sensitively is caused from daily diligences and continuous efforts of employees.

And we have to change to fighting group with high aspirations and brimfuly passion to challenge the world. Not only employees of our group effort each other, but also making the corporate culture of competing eacn other. And it must be nourishment to fight it out global society.

Effort for environmental conservation

The bustling development of global economy has caused global warming with mass consumption of fossil fuels, and we are facing serious problem for our future. Change period has come on the Earth in 21st century, and we have to create new lifestyle benefiting from mother nature passed since the birth of the Earth and living with nature.

In this kind of situation, Sky Japan efforts to disseminate energy of the next generation, with theme of " living together of human and mother nature".

In Japan, we promote installation of power plants to improve global environment. And, we effort to train environmental consultation staffs who can manage and suggest power saving and high efficiency system totally, to establish an organization for environmental preservation. We advance to establish sustainable energy society to prevent serious global environmental crisis.