Construction and estateintroduction of Construction and estate business of our group

Business Outline

Technological innovation of air conditioner, hot-water heater, smart home appliances in Japan market are activated. And they make large market. It is important to procure products with continuing global business development and utilizing business unit in the world. We make an investment in field of living environment to arrange system from planning to manufacturing and construction in asia. And we also invest in planning, management, leasing, sale of residense, apartment, institution and office building etc.


The housing and facility equipment which are designed to concern for the environment are quite promising as growth market. Since Great East Japan earthquake occured, Japanese peoples' way of thinking to living environment has changed. The products which have not only high efficiency and quality, but also eco-friendly design are required. These products are in demand also in Asian market. So it is necessary to accelerate cost reduction. The ODM, which is to manage consistently from product planning to procuring materials is considered to be the mainstream of manufacturing.

Business Field

Hot water supply and heating system

The essential products to get comfortable life, such as heat pump water heater, electric water heater, floor heater, and gas water heater are included.

Water section product

The equipments of system kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and washstand are included.

Interior and closet

Interior decoration furnishing (cabinet, door etc), closet, door, entrance storage, utensil for shop, kitchen door, construction material, parts for car are included.

Air conditioner and ventilation equipment

Air conditioner, indoor air conditioner unit, multi-type air conditioner, range food, ventilating fan, air filter, monitoring system, bathroom dryer, dish dryer are included.

Nursing care equipment

Caring bed, walker for indoor or outdoor, balstrade, and more nursing care equipment for residential use are included.