Living materialThe introduction of living material business of our group

Business Outline

Because of the diversification of dwelling and life, to create a new value than before is highly recommended on the field of living material. Especially the establishment of activity environment in developing country led by Asia, building a new foundation of profits will be essential.
In living material department, we invest in material and product includes paper pulp, cement, rubber, cigarette etc.
Specially in living material business area, in order to realize the value chain function, promoting the globalization of raw material procurement form an organization of vertical integration between upstream and downstream companies, and put more focus on overseas expansion. We need to listen to consumer trends around the world, and developing businesses that rooted in life.


For paper, pulp, chip, paperboard and the other business of living material, it’s necessary to add a higher added value, and construct environment that can be produced in a consistent manner. Not only daily commodities, expand products such as interior, nursing care-related article, special clothing. Product plans that meet the needs of users is also required.
Quickly catch the world market needs that feature Asian region, making a high-quality manufacturing, to assort highly convenient goods. These are leads to a state-of-the-art business development.

Business Field

Synthetic Resin・Synthetic Rubber

Including resin product such as general-purpose resin, super engineering plastic, synthetic rubber, master batch, thermosetting resin, epoxy resin, and purging material.

Paper Products

Including general-printing paper, information printing paper, packaging paper, paper board, special printing paper and commercial printing paper such as catalogs, folding flyers, calendar.

Packaging Material

Including packaging material such as cardboard, bags, packages, expandable polystyrene, plastic bag, seal, food-service industry supplies, container, tray, film, laminate, and packaging wrap.